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We are very careful at every step of the process from growing, hand harvesting, same day milling and storage to produce only the highest quality olive oils.

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Olive Love is our family olive oil business.  Astrid and Lance with help from Julia and Cyru. It was a family trip to Italy when we first tasted some seriously delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We were amazed by the fruity, fresh flavors and aroma of the oil and we had to find out more...

Astrid made it her mission to learn all about olive oil. She became a taster and Judge and participates on two olive oil taste panels (COOC and Applied Sensory). She and has worked in olive mills and gained experince as a miller.

Now our family just planted abother small orchard of our favorite varieties: Picual, Coratina, Frantoio and Arbequina

We are exited to share the flavors of our extra virgin olive oil,  fresh tasting, single variety, single origin, extra virgin olive oil.

From the orchard to your to your table.


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We are inspired by what amazing flavors and health benefits an Olive tree can produce.  Our mission is to faithfully deliver faultless oils that reveal this natural beauty.

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